Dogs and Children – Benefits of Keeping a Pet

Little girl cuddling a dog in the nature.

I remember how much I wanted that dog. When I was a little girl, I would watch ‘Lady and the Tramp’ over and over again and spend hours daydreaming about having a buff female Cocker Spaniel. I guess that was how I transformed the longing for a sibling I never had – someone who would […]

It’s A Dog Parade

Girl and boy on little truck with a dog.

This morning as I write this and drink my coffee, I am sitting in the second smallest room in the house. The bathroom is the only place smaller than this room in my house. There are 4 dogs in this 8 x 14-foot room with me. When I get up to refill my coffee, I will […]


Pink Poodle on the pink leash.

Anthropomorphism is a type of personification that gives human characteristics to non-humans or objects, and especially to animals. Anthropomorphism aims to make an animal or object behave and appear like they are human beings. There are countless examples of how animals have been anthropomorphed in religion, literature, movies, television and video games. However, as we coexists […]

Why Dog Goggles?

Dog with goggles.

Many people ask me, “do dogs need goggles to swim?” This is when I launch into my cognitive rationale about the benefit’s of a dog wearing goggles, and none of the reasons are related to swimming. Goggles are clearly important to the dog.  Let me explain – Goggles actually provide protection for eyes,  just like sunglasses protect […]

Is Your Dog A Genius?

Portrait of the yellow American Dingo dog.

Well, first off, that would depend on your definition of what a genius is. After spending many years in the education field, I became very familiar with the idea that genius demonstrates itself in a variety of ways. Howard Gardner’s cognitive research with (human) students, has lead to the theory of Multiple Intelligence’s. The theory […]

Meet The 21st Century Dog Owner

Who is the modern dog owner? • Their pet has its own Facebook account • When working late they Skype their dog from the office • They will buy their dog a birthday and Christmas present • They monitor their dogs diet for optimal quality and provide valuable exercise A study sponsored by the American […]

The Champions

Black and white pit bull terrier.

On January 22, 2016 the Why We Wag staff attended the second annual Paw-parazzi Film Festival. The festival was another way for dog lover’s to come together and celebrate the wonderful creatures that bless our lives with their unconditional love. All of the proceeds went to support The Best Friends Animal Society along with animal […]

Cat Sanctuary

Cat lying down.

On the edge of the small town of Corinne, Utah, next to a small pond, sits a sanctuary for a variety of cats. Some are waiting for adoption, some for foster care, some are recuperating and for a few this will be a permanent home. Many dedicated volunteers along with the onsite caretaker, provide a […]

Sometimes It Takes Two

Two dogs on the doorstep.

Pixie is one of my grand dogs. She is an American Dingo rescued by my daughter over two years ago. My definition of of this American Dingo is a dog with extreme enthusiasm! At first we attributed her running crop circles around the yard, her intense, endless staring at shining objects and her ability to […]

Strut Your Mutt event

Dog showing the trick.

On October 24, 2015, 1,800 dogs and 2,400 humans from all over the Wasatch front arrive to support Best Friends 20th Strut Your Mutt event. Best Friends Animal Society generated well over $225,000 for the local no kill rescue groups and shelters. It was inspirational to see so many dogs and humans in one place, […]