Sharing the House With Pets

Girl and the dog on the bed.

You’ve decided to share your house or flat with your dog. What you already know is that keeping the dog inside means changing how you clean the house to some extent, and also, it raises a bunch of questions in regards to which parts of the house should be available for the dog and how […]

7 Human Foods Dogs Can and Can’t Eat

Colorful dog food.

Feeding is one of the ways we show love to our pets. Sometimes, we do this through special treats such as human food and that is completely alright, as long as we don’t overindulge our loved ones into obesity. Most dog food you can buy in the store contains a proper balance of everything your […]

The Silent Dog World

The silent dog world

There he goes, running across the back fence to warn the dog walking down the road that if he gets any closer, he will have to reckon with, Tucker, a beautiful, shiny black furry of a dog. It makes me wonder when I am watching him act all big tough guy, that when he joined […]

Traveling With Your Dog – Tips and Advice

Travel with a dog

The time for your long-planned vacation has finally arrived. You’re about to start packing, but you’re still struggling with a huge question: Should I take my dog or not? Unless your dog is sick, pregnant or has recently been injured, there is no need to leave him at a friend’s place or pay for someone […]

Explaining to Dogs

Photo of Schnauzer

The dogs stop at the crosswalk and wait until I tell them they may cross. I explain to them that we have to wait to cross the street until there are no cars. Then I ask them, “are there any cars?” Ok, it looks like we are good to go, I say as we all […]

How to Keep Your Dog Cool in the Summer

Black dog in the water.

Sweating is one of the ways that our body regulates its temperature. You might have heard stories that dogs do not sweat, and therefore, it is very important to keep them cool during hot summer days and prevent possible unpleasant conditions. Rather than relying upon sweat, the principal mechanism that a dog uses to cool […]

Dogs and Children – Benefits of Keeping a Pet

Little girl cuddling a dog in the nature.

I remember how much I wanted that dog. When I was a little girl, I would watch ‘Lady and the Tramp’ over and over again and spend hours daydreaming about having a buff female Cocker Spaniel. I guess that was how I transformed the longing for a sibling I never had – someone who would […]

It’s A Dog Parade

Girl and boy on little truck with a dog.

This morning as I write this and drink my coffee, I am sitting in the second smallest room in the house. The bathroom is the only place smaller than this room in my house. There are 4 dogs in this 8 x 14-foot room with me. When I get up to refill my coffee, I will […]


Pink Poodle on the pink leash.

Anthropomorphism is a type of personification that gives human characteristics to non-humans or objects, and especially to animals. Anthropomorphism aims to make an animal or object behave and appear like they are human beings. There are countless examples of how animals have been anthropomorphed in religion, literature, movies, television and video games. However, as we coexists […]

Why Dog Goggles?

Dog with goggles.

Many people ask me, “do dogs need goggles to swim?” This is when I launch into my cognitive rationale about the benefit’s of a dog wearing goggles, and none of the reasons are related to swimming. Goggles are clearly important to the dog.  Let me explain – Goggles actually provide protection for eyes,  just like sunglasses protect […]