Researchers and non-profit organisations describe a rise in bride kidnappings within the North Caucasus in the latter half of the 20th century. In Chechnya, women’s rights organisations tie the rise in kidnappings to a deterioration of ladies’s rights underneath the rule of Chechen president Ramzan Kadyrov. Approximately half of all Kyrgyz marriages embody bride kidnapping; of these kidnappings, two-thirds are non-consensual. Research by non-governmental organizations give estimates from a low of forty% to between sixty eight and seventy five p.c of all marriages in Kyrgyzstan concerned bride kidnapping.

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In Central Asia, bride kidnapping exists in Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, and Karakalpakstan, an autonomous area of Uzbekistan. Though origin of the tradition in the region is disputed, the rate of nonconsensual bride kidnappings seems to be increasing in several nations throughout Central Asia as the political and financial climate changes. In this culture, bridal kidnapping (akomari) occurred before any formal makes an attempt to arrange a marriage with a bride’s household.

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Most known are the kidnapping of Elizabeth Smart in Utah and the kidnapping of Jaycee Dugard in California. Both perpetrators have been convicted of kidnapping and sexual assault. Other instances exist inside some Mormon Fundamentalist communities across the Utah-Arizona border; nonetheless, correct information is tough to obtain from these closed communities.

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The social stigma of spending a night in a male’s house is usually a sufficient motivation to force a young woman to marry her captor. Under Russian law, though a kidnapper who refuses to release his bride could be sentenced to eight to 10 years, a kidnapper is not going to be prosecuted if he releases the victim or marries her together with her consent. Bride captors in Chechnya are liable, in concept, to receive additionally a nice of as much as 1 million rubles.

But a rising number are so-called “border brides” from Uzbekistan, who married ethnic Uzbek men in southern Kyrgyzstan and don’t possess present papers. In 2005, a documentary film entitled Bride Kidnapping in Kyrgyzstan made by Petr Lom was introduced at the UNAFF 2005 pageant, and subsequently on PBS and Investigation Discovery (ID) within the United States.

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Abdulhai Tursunov, director of the Kirgiz Mulla, a spiritual faculty in Namangan, agrees that most men who’re taking multiple wives usually are not following correct non secular follow and that ladies are mostly unaware of their rights underneath Islamic legislation. Uzbekistan is Central Asia’s most populous nation and home to 2 U.S. air bases close to Afghanistan.

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The solely hope these women have is that Bishkek will grant a sweeping migration amnesty to allow them to naturalize based mostly on their years residing in Kyrgyzstan. But Kyrgyzstan just isn’t a member to the United Nations’ 1954 and 1961 conventions on the rights of stateless individuals, and thus is under no obligation to help. “The statelessness conventions are the one UN treaties that affirm the proper to a nationality and provide practical steps that assist states in realizing this right,” stated Hans Friedrich Schodder, a former UNHCR consultant in Kyrgyzstan. A rising variety of Uzbekistani women who marry men from across the border in Kyrgyzstan are ending up residents of neither, meaning they have formally ceased to exist. Stephen Vincent Benét wrote a brief story called “The Sobbin’ Women” that parodied the legend of the rape of the Sabine women.

Occasionally, members of the Hmong ethnic group have engaged in bride kidnapping within the United States. In some circumstances, the defendant has been allowed to plead a cultural defense to justify his abduction. In 1985, Kong Moua, a Hmong man, kidnapped and raped a girl from a Californian faculty. He later claimed that this was an act of zij poj niam and was allowed to plead to false imprisonment solely, as an alternative of kidnapping and rape.

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Captured European women typically settled down as adopted members of the tribe and at least one woman, Mary Jemison, refused “rescue” when it was provided. Human rights workers report that one third of men who abduct their wives abandon them, leaving the wife with out help and impaired find a future marriage. Additionally, with the rising frequency of bride-kidnapping, some men select not to solemnize their marriage in any respect, maintaining their “bride” as a concubine. In addition to the issue of forced marriage, bride kidnapping could produce other unfavorable results on the younger women and their society.

In 2012, the website did a full documentary movie about bride kidnapping in Kyrgyzstan. East Slavic tribes, predecessor tribes to the Russian state, practised bride kidnapping within the eleventh century. According to his Chronicles, the Drevlian tribe captured wives non-consensually, whereas the Radimich, Viatich, and Severian tribes “captured” their wives after having come to an agreement about marriage with them.

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