Six Mile Hike

For many of us, it is not surprising to hear a story of a dog that travels miles searching to bring help to their human lying under cactus with a broken leg, dehydrated, and nearly dead. A hiking trip gone bad, yet the intuitive dog companion, due to his love and commitment to his human companion, courageously finds help, communicates that he needs help, and brings help to his wounded his human companion.

This commitment and devotion is evident in our relationships with our canine friends in endless stories we have read or heard about. Recently at an event I attended for Why We, a devoted dog lover shared with me a recent story he had while hiking with his canine friend. Daily, for the past several years, canine and human have traversed through the rough mountain landscape, in the beautiful forested mountains surrounding Star Valley Wyoming. The two-athletic companion’s cruised effortlessly on the trails for the much-anticipated daily adventure. However, one day, six miles out on the trail, the canine member of the team could no longer complete the trail. The 80-pound dog collapses on the trail, winded, unable to move another paw. Knowing that he will not leave his friend out on the trail alone, exposed to other animals, weather conditions let alone the fear that the dog would have not knowing if his human companion would return, he fashions the dog around his neck like a large collar scarf and transports him the six miles home.

Devotion works miracles. When a dog saves a human from a near death experience we understand that relationship. We also understand that the love that radiates from our fellow creatures and unquestionably reciprocate the devotion back to them. This man that carries his dog 6 miles when he can no longer walk, understands the connection that joins us to all other creatures. There should be no question as to what is correct in the treatment of another life. Ask yourself, “would they do this for me?” Kindness is easy for some. It should be easy for more of us.

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Cheryl Wilson

Cheryl Wilson created Why We Wag in 2012 as her result of her lifelong love of dogs. After 22 years in the Educational sector, Cheryl utilizes her expertise as an award winning educator, to educate dog lovers, along with offering supplies that support a healthy, meaningful relationship with canines. Residing in Utah, Cheryl is celebrating her 5th generation with dogs and now her first generation of grand-dogs.