Monthly Archives: March 2017

Life On Other Planets

Do you think there is life on other planets? Ask that to a class of 29 sixth graders. 13 will raise their hands, the highest they can reach while sitting on one leg scrunched up under them to make them taller so their hand is higher, emitting a sound, uh, uh, uh….. Four, with the […]

The Decision

“When do I make the decision to let them go?” When do I decide what their quality of life is? How do I make these decisions? These words stare at me from the Facebook page. They are the same questions I had to ask myself in June about a beloved canine family member. This time […]

Common Reasons Why Dogs Are Abandoned

No potential owner of a canine companion starts out their journey assuming that they’ll be that person who abandons their dog when things get rough. In fact, most owners have only the best of intentions in mind. The dog will make a great companion, whether for themselves or the young children in the household. Your […]