Fair Is Where You Take The Pig

“But, that’s not faaiiirr!” Words spit out by most grade school students and well, possibly many adults on the surface of earth. During my grade school teaching days, my response to these words was, “fair is where you take the pig.” Now, during my doing dog days, I am smacked full in the face with the unfairness of the treatment of pets. There are plenty of adoption agencies, shelters and just plain good people, working diligently to give voice to our canine companions riddled with unfair treatment.

Mahatma Gandi once said, “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way it’s animals are treated.”
It is one thing to claim that something isn’t fair, it is another to do something about it. Doing something doesn’t require a person to adopt every homeless pet they encounter or capture every stray pet they see, or even pledge half their paycheck to the inhumane treatment of animals, but to do what they can, even it is one small thing. One small thing by many adds up to a big thing.

If you’re a dog owner:

• Make sure your pet is spayed or neutered. There is no evidence that a female dog is better behaved after having a litter of puppies. Male dogs are less likely to search for a female in heat if their desire mechanism is unhinged.
• Adopt only if you can put the time, energy and resources into the commitment dog relationships require.
• Provide the necessary equipment for comfortable pet living. Take a look at our shop.
• Teach your dog manners. Socialize them to function in the community so that they receive love instead of hatred.

If you are not a dog owner:

• Rehome, adopt. Stay away from inhumane breeders and puppy mills.
• Be an advocate for animals. They don’t speak our language.
• Report abuse of an animal.
• Volunteer at a shelter.
• Ask permission to pet an animal. Some dogs are service animals and don’t need to be distracted.
• Teach children how to be kind and loving to animals. Animal compassion translates to human compassion.

Fair is where you take the pig. Fair treatment of fellow creatures is in our homes and in our neighborhoods. As humans we know that being unkind is not how we are to treat others or our animal companions. It’s not right, it doesn’t feel good, nothing good comes from neglect, violence or abuse. It is not fair!
There is that story about the boy throwing starfish into the sea. A man passing by asks him why he continues to throw the starfish into the sea, it won’t make a difference. The boy continues to throw the star fish into the sea, and says, “It made a difference to that one!”

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Cheryl Wilson

Cheryl Wilson created Why We Wag in 2012 as her result of her lifelong love of dogs. After 22 years in the Educational sector, Cheryl utilizes her expertise as an award winning educator, to educate dog lovers, along with offering supplies that support a healthy, meaningful relationship with canines. Residing in Utah, Cheryl is celebrating her 5th generation with dogs and now her first generation of grand-dogs.