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Rugged Pom

rugged pom

As I discuss the purchase of the Ultra Paws Rugged Boots with this proud dog dad, he says, “She has climbed Miller’s Peak, hiked Antelope Island, and she has been on every hike my wife and I have been on in the past 8 years.” While I was expecting him to tell me that his […]



Slowly my eyes open. Glancing over at the green numbers that identify for my brain that the blessed wake up time is 3:04 a.m. My arms are pinned to my sides, my legs unmovable and the heat reminds me of that visit with my sister in Tucson. Slowly, my right leg begins to vibrate. With […]

Fight or flight

“Oh my goooossshh! Ahhhh, such a cute dooogy!” three little girls scream as they come running across the park at my dog and me. Their arms dangling out of their sockets like half cooked spaghetti noodles flapping in the air. As they approach, I calmly say to them to slow down and not get any […]

Fair Is Where You Take The Pig

“But, that’s not faaiiirr!” Words spit out by most grade school students and well, possibly many adults on the surface of earth. During my grade school teaching days, my response to these words was, “fair is where you take the pig.” Now, during my doing dog days, I am smacked full in the face with […]