Monthly Archives: January 2017

The Dreadful Visit To The Vet

There are two words I must never say in front of my dog if I don’t want to get a pooch behind the couch sending me a mixture of frighten and evil looks for the next couple of hours. Those two words are: bath and vet. I also never wear a white coat. And I […]

Can Dogs and Cats Make Best Friends, And Why Yes?

It’s already a well-known fact that they can. The presupposed enmity between these two races has been proven to be a prejudice. At least when humans are around to supervise the relationship, it can turn out to be a very enjoyable experience. Yes, these furry creatures might not get along at the beginning. Dogs are […]

Behold The Waggy Mountain Heroes

If you like hitting the slopes, one of these days you might find yourself in the white, snowy, milky wilderness. There’s no Internet, there are no means to navigate the space that we have lost natural bonds with. All kinds of accidents may happen to people who have or haven’t been trained to survive the […]