Monthly Archives: December 2016

Baby it’s cold outside.

Walking across the frozen, white grass, my boots are barely making a print. My hand freezes when I grab the door knob with my ungloved hand to enter the house. Taking out the garbage requires gloves, hat, scarf and a down coat. Baby it is cold outside! Imagine what our canine companions can do prepare […]

Love at first sight

He chooses me. “Whoever loves, loves at first sight.” William Shakespeare, Twelfth Night While Blu chews on a pinecone, Simon explains how Blu, wiggled and wagged his way into his heart. “My friends dog is always having puppies. Every time I go to my friend’s house, there seems to be more puppies. He tells me […]

6 Signs You Love Your Dog More Than You Love Most People

The title you just read doesn’t mean that dog owners don’t actually love other people. It just means they love their canines infinitely. So, let’s have a joke or two on our own behalf, fellow dog lovers! 1) Pups are great. Babies are OK too Your cousin is walking toward you with a baby cart […]