5 Facts About Dogs That Their Owners Might Misinterpret

5-facts-about-dogs-that-their-owners-might-misinterpretAlthough all of us believe we know our pets better than anyone, sometimes we need to try harder to understand their ambiguous actions and behavior. Doing this will result in a more harmonious relationship and less trouble for everyone involved.

Here are five of the most frequent cases of misunderstanding that most dog owners are quite familiar with.

1) Humping everything and… everyone
Your friend just came by. Suddenly, his leg became very interesting to your dog. Maybe too interesting…

Your dog’s humping everybody and everything doesn’t have to do with his sexual instincts only. It can be the consequence of any kind of overexcitement. They can even get addicted to this, once they realize the stress-decreasing benefits. This is one of the explanation why even neutered or spayed dogs do this.

2) He has the best food, and yet he likes to eat… hmm, stuff
Your dog went potty during a walk. You just pull out the poop bag… Hey, but where’s the poop? No, he didn’t…

Before starting to yell at him, keep this in mind: he probably does this out of the need to tidy up the place! Yes, canine behavior can be a little bit paradoxical. By eating his poop, the innocent creature probably tries to get rid of it. Well, you won’t expect him to actually use the poop bag, will you? This is the next best thing he can do.

Don’t be too hard on him. Just use your no-no word of choice whenever you witness this. However, you might also want to alter his diet. It may have been the sign that his nutrition does not suit his needs.

3) Destructive behavior
You have to leave the pooch sometimes. However, when you come home, the home is… chewed up and torn to pieces. Your dog’s unruly behavior when you leave her alone, if only for a couple of hours, can be her way to say that she missed you. Yes, it’s a bit unnerving way of expressing her feelings. She ruined your newest pair of shoes as if she knew how much you liked them!

You can prevent this by spending more time with her before going somewhere on your own. After an extensive play, she will probably wind up so tired that she will sleep until you get back. Even if she doesn’t sleep, she will be satisfied enough to keep her calm until mommy gets home. Leaving her your old shirt will also please her, because it smells like you.

4) “Touch my paws and I’ll growl”
You might have noticed that your dog doesn’t really like having his feet touched. But you should start getting your pup used to it, and not just because you enjoy it so much. Truth is, he will start to enjoy it as well, eventually. Massage will do him good!

Evolution endowed dogs with paw pads for a reason. They protect them from injuries and help regulate their body temperature through perspiration. The paws have tiny little sweat glands, which make them moist. Gentle massage will help the circulation. After getting used to it, the dog will actually love it. In case you want to upgrade the protection, you can do it with a nice pair – or rather, two pairs of dog boots.

5) Why we wag?
My dog wagging his tail makes me want to have a tail of my own to wag too. But it isn’t a one-sided phenomenon. Dogs also wag when they are disturbed, distrustful or plain angry.

The tail is a seismometer of your dog’s feelings. Although it can sometimes conveys confusing messages, there are ways to learn what it means. Wagging to the right bears an unambiguous message: “Hug me, pet me, love me, and while you’re at it, scratch my back.” Wagging to the left, however, might mean your dog is frightened or angry, and won’t hesitate to bite. Also, wagging the tail low means your dog is insecure. Read his body signs carefully.

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