Monthly Archives: November 2016

Should You Worry Because Your Dog Eats Grass?

Canines are naturally voracious species. Their most delicious meal usually consists of meat. Or vegetables and cereals AND meat. They are not natural herbivores, nor do they intend to become. So why does your pet, having devoured his daily dose of juicy meaty kibble or kibble meat, go outside to sniff around and find himself […]

5 Facts About Dogs That Their Owners Might Misinterpret

Although all of us believe we know our pets better than anyone, sometimes we need to try harder to understand their ambiguous actions and behavior. Doing this will result in a more harmonious relationship and less trouble for everyone involved. Here are five of the most frequent cases of misunderstanding that most dog owners are […]

Dog Prints

Preparing signs for dog prints one afternoon, the four dogs in the house had to offer their paws to me to be painted and then placed on my signs. Pixie let me use her paw but acted as if I was about to amputate the paw. Tucker let me use his paw but turned his […]

Sneaking in Grasshoppers

One of the most enduring characteristics of a Black Labrador is that they have a face of innocence, with sweet doe-like eyes. Those same type of eyes that Margaret Keane used on her famous “Big Eyes” paintings. Eye’s that suck you in, leading to believe that their souls are deep and they could never image […]