5 Best Reasons to have PowerBark Bar’s

5. Service or Therapy dog. Dogs have become of valuable service to humans in a variety of capacities. They have been trained to herd sheep, guard the junkyard, turn on the lights, protect their human for harm, and sniff out disaster victims. They are working. If you have a working dog, a PowerBark Bar will provide the energy and nutrition that dog food normally provides. PowerBark is much more convenient than that big bag of dog food. Keep it in the car, or in a bag so it is ready when a nutritious, food replacement is needed for the working dog.

4. Road Trip! When you and your canine companion are on a train, plane or automobile, be prepared to offer a delicious, easy meal. Do you ever get those sad eyes that tell you your canine companion needs an energy bar just like the one you are about put into your mouth? Keep a bar or two in the car for a nutritional energy snack or when a meal is necessary. PowerBark contains no gluten, wheat, soy, or corn. You would do the same for you kid. Isn’t your dog your kid?

3. Hunting. When packing up for a hunting excursion, there is the hunting equipment, clothing and guns, and a tub of dog food. PowerBark bars are convenient, easy to serve on the go and in the field. Dogs love them and are small enough to put in a backpack. PowerBark is a 100% complete and balanced meal in a convenient, portable bar.

2. Hiking, camping or boating. Active dogs need to power up when running through the hills or splashing through the water. PowerBark is interchangeable with regular dog food, natural with added vitamins and minerals, and is gluten free. Perfect for keeping your dog fit and trim yet fully energized while they accompany us on our favorite outdoor adventures.

1. Emergencies. When disaster hits, plan to take your dog with you. 250,00 animals were displaced or died after Hurricane Katrina. Recent fires and floods have forced people and their pets to flee their homes. We never know when Mother Nature will plow through with floods, snowstorms, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornados or fires. Prepare your best friend with their own 72-hour emergency kit. PowerBark bars are a necessity for emergency preparation for your dog. The biggest responsibility for keeping pets safe and alive during disasters belongs to their owners. Take the necessary precautions, to prepare your dog for safety and comfort when there is an emergency.
Purchase a backpack that has already been prepared for it:

Emergency Bug Out Pack

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