Simple And Fun Indoor Games For Your Dog

‘Winter is coming!’puppy

It’s the time of year when days are getting shorter and darker. This means keeping your dog (and yourself) active is about to become more of a challenge than usual.Your dog will still need exercise, though there will be days when you’ll just look through the window and decide it’s too cold to do things outside. Good news is there are still many interesting activities you and your canine can do together while staying inside the house. Since you’ll be having more indoor time, we suggest you also read our tips for sharing the house with pets.

We’ve prepared a survival kit for winter days and should you have any other ideas on how to keep our dogs active at wintertime, leave us a comment!

Hide and Seek

Does your dog know how to stay and wait at a specific spot? If so it’ll make this game much easier, if he doesn’t get a human helper to keep him sit still while you hide. This is probably the simplest and most amusing game you can play, and it also helps develop wanted behavioral habits.

Treat Hunt

Have your dog stay in a separate room while you hide treats around the house. If your dog hasn’t played this game before, start out simple by placing them in plain sight to get them used to the idea. It takes a while for dogs to stop relying so heavily on visual cues and to hone in their excellent sniffing ability. Once your dog has gone a few rounds, you can make it more challenging by hiding treats in some tougher spots. You can also prepare some treats at home, and here’s a list of recipes.

There are also some amazing games by Nina Ottosson where your dog has to figure out the puzzle to find the treat.

Name Game

Scientists say our dogs have roughly the same intelligence as a 2-year-old child. Also, dogs are estimated to have the capability of learning around 200 words. Try teaching your dog the names of toys or other objects. Start with one specific toy and start using a name for it; dogs tend to put a ‘value’ on their toys, and by repeating the name while playing with it they’ll start to pick up on the name you’re using. After practicing with a few different toys you can then set them out and have your dog go get their red ball.


Another great nose work starter game. Get out 3 cups and line them up in a row in front of your dog. To start put a treat under one of the cups while your dog is watching, give him the OK to show you which one is the right cup. When he chooses correctly praise him & let him have the treat. Once your dog seems to get the hang of it you can make it more challenging by mixing the cups around after you place the treat.

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