Monthly Archives: October 2016

5 Best Reasons to have PowerBark Bar’s

5. Service or Therapy dog. Dogs have become of valuable service to humans in a variety of capacities. They have been trained to herd sheep, guard the junkyard, turn on the lights, protect their human for harm, and sniff out disaster victims. They are working. If you have a working dog, a PowerBark Bar will […]

Tips For Keeping Your Dog Safe During Walks


With the shift to cold, winter weather, afternoon walks with your dog become more alike evening walks, because the sun sets earlier. Going for a walk at night time is different than day walking, and there are additional things to pay attention to. Nighttime the cold weather create a number of safety dangers for both […]

Another Chance

Pixie’s human loved her like most dog lovers love their dogs. Leaving Pixie in a crate 10 hours a day, in a tiny townhouse was a depressing life for a dog. Her human felt just as depressed knowing Pixie was unhappy. After much contemplation, she did what she knew would be best for this Carolina […]

Health And Safety Tips For Senior Dogs

If you’ve enjoyed the company of your dog for seven or more years — or you’ve adopted a senior dog — then it’s time to pay close attention to his safety and health. Here are some things you can do to make their senior years more enjoyable for both of you. Feed your dog better […]

Simple And Fun Indoor Games For Your Dog

‘Winter is coming!’ It’s the time of year when days are getting shorter and darker. This means keeping your dog (and yourself) active is about to become more of a challenge than usual.Your dog will still need exercise, though there will be days when you’ll just look through the window and decide it’s too cold […]