Monthly Archives: September 2016

Things People Do That Dogs Can’t Stand

Every dog has traits on his own – just like humans, each dog has a specific set of characteristics, and along with them, their own likes and dislikes. Dogs do their best to be our best friends, meaning that they often compromise and generously put up with human behavior, even when they don’t enjoy common […]

You and Your Dog Share a Language – The Feelings Written on Your Faces

Dogs, along with dolphins and monkeys, are known as the most empathetic animals when it comes to bonding with humans. If you’ve ever lived with a dog, there must have been a moment when you felt that your dog was ‘reading’ your feelings, or tried to cheer you up when you were down. Moreover, dogs […]

Adopt, Don’t Shop


The idea of pet adoption has been discussed a lot. While some organizations are trying to simply motivate people to adopt pets rather than buy a breeder, others go as far to say that buying animals accounts for helping the horrible industry of animal exploitation. Small animal breeders are believed to treat their animals well, […]