Meet The 21st Century Dog Owner

Who is the modern dog owner?The modern dog owner

• Their pet has its own Facebook account
• When working late they Skype their dog from the office
• They will buy their dog a birthday and Christmas present
• They monitor their dogs diet for optimal quality and provide valuable exercise

A study sponsored by the American Kennel Club focusing on the behavior, attitudes, and purchasing habits of dog owners, discovered that having a canine companion heavily influences both their lifestyle and purchasing habits of people.

Almost all survey respondents (99%) own a dog for companionship and 88% consider their dog a family member. Additional findings include:

• 72% of owners say dogs enhance their own personal health.
• 51% say their dogs affect how they spend their leisure time.
• The top activity (48%) enjoyed by dog owners is a walk.
• Nearly two-thirds of dog owners fence their yards to contain their pets.
• 48% have owned a dog for 20 years or more.
• 4 of 10 dog owners have made arrangements for their dogs in the event they pass away before their dog does.
• 67% feel the most common drawback of dog ownership is emotion when the dog dies.
• Nearly half of owners look for dog-friendly accommodations when booking travel.
• 47% consider their dog’s comfort in deciding which car to buy.
• 50% of owners purchase rawhide bones, 34% pig parts, 26% dental hygiene chews.
• 72% of owners look for the best and highest quality dog food brands.


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Cheryl Wilson

Cheryl Wilson created Why We Wag in 2012 as her result of her lifelong love of dogs. After 22 years in the Educational sector, Cheryl utilizes her expertise as an award winning educator, to educate dog lovers, along with offering supplies that support a healthy, meaningful relationship with canines. Residing in Utah, Cheryl is celebrating her 5th generation with dogs and now her first generation of grand-dogs.