The Champions

Black and white pit bull terrier.

On January 22, 2016 the Why We Wag staff attended the second annual Paw-parazzi Film Festival. The festival was another way for dog lover’s to come together and celebrate the wonderful creatures that bless our lives with their unconditional love. All of the proceeds went to support The Best Friends Animal Society along with animal rescue organizations devoted to the No Kill philosophy. 

The Champions was the feature film of the Festival. This inspirational story focused on the pit bull terriers rescued in 2007 from the horrific The Championscompound used for dog fighting at the hands of Michael Vick. Best Friends Animal Organization diligently worked to save the beautiful pit bulls, the victims of inconceivable conditions. With determination, dedication and perseverance by the caring people of the Best Friends Organization, the dogs were saved and rehabilitated to find their forever homes. These misunderstood canines were able to become devoted family members, service animals and symbols of strength in overcoming adversity. They were return back to their natural state of love and joy. This powerful tale highlighted the ability a canine possess to share love given the right circumstances. The film presents the ability to overcome odds to function as a valued family member regardless of the past. The dogs show us what we all can aspire to be. A must see!


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Cheryl Wilson

Cheryl Wilson created Why We Wag in 2012 as her result of her lifelong love of dogs. After 22 years in the Educational sector, Cheryl utilizes her expertise as an award winning educator, to educate dog lovers, along with offering supplies that support a healthy, meaningful relationship with canines. Residing in Utah, Cheryl is celebrating her 5th generation with dogs and now her first generation of grand-dogs.